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EPZ Grounding Grate:

  • All Steel Galvanized Grate: 8’x14’
  • Lug Connectors: 2-Hole
  • Ball Studs and Grounding Cables
  • Made in the USA (Patented Technology)

EPZ Two Person Switch Grate:

  • All Steel Galvanized Grate: 4’x3’
  • Lug Connectors: 2-Hole
  • Ball Studs and Grounding Cables
  • Made in the USA (Patented Technology)

Excellent Weight Dispersion

Load carrying bars disperse weight across the entire mat. Bars are double spaced at both ends and enable smooth transitions on and off the mat.

Interlocking Angle Lugs

Bonding achieved with provided angle lugs that interlock adjacent mats on all 4 sides. These connections are recessed below mat surface avoiding a trip hazard.

Easy to Mobilize & Install

Lifting plates with chain key holes allow for easy pickup and transportation.

Strong & Durable

Solid steel plate runners across the high traffic area provides strength and durability.

Built for Stability

Rigid bent plate subframe provides stability and traction on challenging terrain.

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Affordable. Durable. Reusable.

Simply lay, connect and ground the equipotential grounding grates in a grid and you’re ready to safely execute your project.

When your project is complete, disassemble the mats as easily as they came together. Get the job done safely, efficiently and with lower cost of labor.


Reusable Grates and Cables

Reusable Grates and Cables

Alternate products frequently break, crack or bend. EPZ Grounding Grates and cables are built to last. Our EPZ grounding grates are reusable, easily cleaned and mobilized quickly to your next work location.
Lower Trucking Cost

Lower Trucking Cost

While competitor matting products come in multiple pieces, our EPZ Grounding Grates are an all-in-one package, saving you cost in delivery, labor and time.
Lower Labor Cost

Lower Labor Cost

EPZ Grounding Grates are quick to install and easy to clean saving you time and cost of labor. Your projects will begin quicker and be cleaned up more efficiently than ever.
Engineered and Built To Last

Engineered and Built To Last

Low-tech timber or composite mats bend, crack and decompose over time. EPZ Grounding Grates are a one-piece galvanized steel grate built to withstand heavy loads and extensive use.
Workforce Safety Investment

Workforce Safety Investment

Maintain compliance standards by utilizing EPZ Grounding Grates to provide critical protection to your workforce. Our product delivers an adequately bonded and grounded work zone.

Performance Testing

Our EPZ Grounding Grates passed several electrical standards tests addressing visual disturbance and resistor voltage. View our full performance testing report and presentation by clicking the button below.

Applicable Standards:

  • ASTM F855-2015
  • IEEE 80-2013
  • IEC 62271-102

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